Development Blog

Entry 1


Okay, so this would be the first time I've ever written a blog, and to be fair I've been putting it off for a while.

I love making games, I've only really been into it over the last couple of years as beforehand I never really thought it possible. I picked up Gamemaker in a Humble Bundle and due to a shift pattern change at work, I decided to follow a few tutorials on Youtube to get into it. After watching some great vids from a youtuber named Heartbeast, I was hooked.

Since then I've developed every aspect I can of game development, programming, art, music and now comes the perceived toughest aspect, getting a game out there and seen!

I've been working on Would Be Heroes since February. Up until now, I had relied on a close friend of mine to provide art for my games, as I've never been great at it myself, but after finding and utitilising the skeletal animation software ,Spine, I've finally okayed my artistic ability.

There's not a great deal of documentation on Gamemaker/Spine intergration, so I may do some tutorials of what I've learnt down the line.

Now, since releasing that initial "first look" video a couple of months back, with the hope of releasing videos every week, I on second thought realised that if some of the key features weren't present in the demo, the game might be slightly misconstrued. The main factor of this was the save and load functions and how they interact with the gameplay. There were a plethora of bugs that needed sorting to after having a few friends playtest, and although I could have done a followup video explaining this, I decided just to crack on with it, as most people wouldn't care much for updates if they hadn't had an initial experience of the game to start with.

However now with the release of the demo, I will try my best to update you every couple of weeks were I'm upto.

I'm pretty much upto adding content in game now as most of the main components are in there (bar the superhero powers), however, don't let that deter you from sending suggestions, as it's still early days and things are subject to change.

If there's anything you would like me to cover in future in these blogs, please, let me know, I'd rather address things you'd like to hear about than ramble on!