The Game

What is Would Be Heroes?

Would be heroes is a tower defense at heart, fused with elements of top down shooters and action RPGs. Instead of your usual tower placement, your team members act as your towers and you must rely on them and train them in order to build a strong defense.

You and your friends start your adventure as average human beings, but with enough training and the right equipment, your gradual transformation into architypal superheroes, capes and all.

The game still includes typical static tower placement, but under one of six upgradable skills that you or the other heroes can attain.







Hit harder!

Feel less pain!


Shoot faster!

Aim better!


Run faster!

See further!


Cheap recruits!

More influence!



Better coins!


Build powerful static towers!


Superheroes wouldn't be unique if it weren't for their defining traits. Here's six you and your hero team can invest in.


Fully customise your lead hero, from hair and facial features, name and body build to fully immerse yourself into the story.

With interchangable attire, weaponry and superpowers, you and your band of guardians will progressively look the part as you progess.

Plenty of unlockable suits and attachments are planned to be added as development continues. Here are a few that have been recently added: